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About Us

The Savannah Area Aviation Association (SAAA) was founded in 2022 in response to the need for a recognized advocate for general aviation in the Savannah area.

Historically, a club called the Savannah Aviation Association served this purpose through the late 2010's. The club met regularly and was the de-facto communication channel between airport leadership and local base tenants. As can happen with small organizations, in the late 2010's club participation generally dwindled, and going into 2020 there was very little activity. At the time, this was not seen as an issue, although an unexpected effect was that the easy communication channel that had previously existed was no longer there.

Starting in 2022, redevelopment activity that had a direct impact to General Aviation tenants and users was announced by the airport commission. Notices were sent out regarding hangar lease terminations with no plans to reinstate replacement facilities, and the need to have a recognized and organized association became apparent as there was no central authority among the various GA tenants to communicate these changes or aggregate the feedback of the affected parties.

In a meeting between concerned GA users and Savannah Airport Commission Leadership & Staff in August 2022, the Savannah Airport Commission representatives present as well as regional AOPA leadership suggested the creation of an entity to help organize the community and serve this purpose. It was suggested that this entity be initially comprised of 3 GA community members that could attend the commission meetings and generally help communicate the scope and impact of any changes between the end users and the airport leadership.

In the meantime, the Association has prioritized the following:

  • Act as a recognized liaison between the General Aviation community and the Savannah Airport Commission (SAC)
  • Work with the Savannah Airport Commission to ensure appropriate accommodation for General Aviation tenants and users for future airport redevelopment projects
  • Encourage growth and cohesion in General Aviation activities in and around Savannah

Your participation is welcomed and encouraged as we continue to formalize our organization to protect and grow the General Aviation community in Savannah.